Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How high is the ceiling? Biyombo, Shumpert in stars

The question about the NBA Draft that has to be factored into any analysis is, "what is the ceiling for each player, if the player reaches his full, maximum, potential?" ...Here is my short list of guys that COULD be great if they totally maxed out:

Shumpert's ceiling is unlimited
Iman Shumpert - Among all the players in this 2011 NBA Draft - I don't see anyone, outside of Bismack Biyombo, with more upside (from where he is right now) than Iman Shumpert. …Shumpert has size  (6'5.5", 222 lbs.) and athleticism, and he can create his own shot or set up a teammate. He drives the ball strongly and finishes at the rim. He makes contested jump shots. Shumpert scored 17 points per game as a junior at Georgia Tech. ...Right handed. ...He runs the floor well and is an exciting transition finisher. He measured with the highest vertical jump (42") at the Chicago Pre Draft Combine.  ...He seems to feed off his own energy. ...He will take some bad, quick-shots, and he must improve his shot selection. He shot only .396 FG for his career at Georgia Tech. He struggles with consistency from beyond the arc at just 28% last season. ...He can rebound in traffic; averaging six rebounds per game as a guard! He helps as a defender - where being alert allows him to get weak side blocked shots, and steals.

Bismack Biyombo - I don't think any player has more potential if everything goes correctly. You just dont see a physical specimen like this kid every day. He's 6'10" with a wingspan of 7'6"! He has only four percent body fat!

Travis Leslie - He is the most electrifying player in the draft. If he could learn to shoot and he shared more - look out!

Chris Singleton - He has the defensive prowess to be a First Team All Defense guy. Can he learn efficient shot selection and be a scorer too? If so - he is special.

Richmond is a sleeper
Jereme Richmond - He did not really scratch the surface of what I believe he is capable of. He has playmaking ability not often seen in potential Small Forwards. His tremendous speed makes him an elite transition player.

Tyler Honeycutt - He is a good enough athlete with great vision. Can he slow his game down enough, be tougher, and score more consistently?

Alec Burks - Burks was efficient enough in college that he could easily be an NBA All-Star one day if he becomes a more consistent jump shooter.

Kawhi Leonard - This may be a stretch but I think Kawhi is special as a rebounder. At 6'7" - he will have to be ULTRA special, and he will need to be a better outside shooter.

Chris Wright - Dayton's high flyer is the kind of tough athlete every team could use. Should his shooting miraculously improve and if he could stop turning the ball over - his ceiling would be unlimited.

Jimmer Fredette - He is already a rock star. If he could manage to continue to roll the way he did in college - he would own the NBA. That is not likely but this article is about "what if?"

Vesely reminds some of Tom Chambers
Jan Vesely - He has a tremendous upside if he too could become a better shooter. He is below 50% from the free throw line presently.

Josh Selby - He is quick enough and he has the swagger. He measured a 42" vertical at the Chicago Pre-Draft Combine. Now he needs to work overtime on learning how to play team basketball.

Tristan Thompson  - Another BIG kid that could be very very good. He has the potential to excel around the basket due to his superior quickness and length. He too has to improve as a shooter and decision maker.

JaJuan Johnson - The Purdue big man became a smooth shooting scorer but he is also long, fast, and he can jump. If he could change his assist-to-turnover problems somehow, he could be an elite forward in the NBA.

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