Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leave the Tournament alone! ...Best hoops TV peeps

The NCAA Tournament is fine the way the way it is. Please leave it alone. Expansion is not necessary. Adding more teams would only water it down and render Championship Week meaningless. The way “THE Tourney” is now - we are wondering if North Carolina and Connecticut will make it in. If we had 96 teams—as some are suggesting - then that drama would be gone. That is just one example of why it should be left alone. Mostly - it should remain static because in all of sport - the NCAA Tournament is one of the handful of events that are just about perfect. 

Dan Shulman (pictured) is a rock solid basketball commentator. Add him to my list of the best in the TV hoops world. The short list: (College play x play) Sean McDonough, Shulman, Tim Brando, Terry Gannon. (NBA) - Joel Meyers, Kevin Calabro.(College analysts) Len Elmore, Marques Johnson, Jay Bilas, Bill Raftery, Clark Kellogg. (NBA analysts) Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, Walt Frazier, Eddie Johnson, Kellogg. (Studio) The TNT production staff deserves a nod for their work on wacky video supplements and tricks that leave me giggling along with Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. My favorite hosts are Rece Davis, Ernie Johnson, and Brando. 

Also, I hate the meaningless conversations between NBA coaches and sideline reporters during the game. Coaches never reveal anything and mostly we have to sit through Craig Sager being cold-war iced by unwilling talkers like Greg Popovich or Jerry Sloan. The NBA should end that waste of time practice. And while they are at it - the audio drop ins from huddles are so watered down - they might as well dump those too. “Lets dig in and play some defense”. 

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