Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beware of the 51st pick.

Click on the player's name to read our thoughts about their potential in regard to the NBA Draft.

Jamal Boykin, Alex Franklin, Charles Garcia, Robert Glenn, Lazar Hayward, Anthony Johnson, Anthony Mason Jr., Jerome Meyinsse, Michael Vogler

The NBA has produced only one productive player at pick #51 in the last eleven years. Here is a list of who was selected 51st since 1999 (and who we advised to pick):
  • 1999 Antwain Smith (Derek Hood)
  • 2000 Igor Rakocevic (Harold Arceneaux)
  • 2001 Andre Hutson (Nakeia Miller)
  • 2002 Marcus Taylor (Udonis Haslem)
  • 2003 Kyle Korver (Kyle Korver)
  • 2004 Christian Drejer (Jackie Butler)
  • 2005 Robert Whaley (Omar Thomas)
  • 2006 Cheick Samb (Hassan Adams)
  • 2007 JamesOn Curry (Ali Traore)
  • 2008 Shan Foster (Shawn James)
  • 2009 Jack McClinton (Paul Harris)
You can view the BIG BOARD with links to all the profiles completed. 

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