Sunday, June 20, 2010

Draft's biggest question marks. Plus ten more profiles.

There is no shortage of legitimate question mark players in the 2010 NBA Draft. The guys that I feel are the toughest to judge are: (in no order)  
  • Daniel Orton - NBA body and shot blocking ability but limited playing time at Kentucky. Can he really be more efficient?
  • Eric Bledsoe - I'm not convinced that his game will be THAT much improved from his pedestrian college numbers. A .341 EFR rarely translates to any NBA success. Is he really better than say - Daniel Gibson?
  • A.J. Ogilvy - In his case - he was VERY efficient but he didn't pass the "eye test". Should I dismiss his numbers and keep him outside the draft altogether?
  • Lazar Hayward -(pictured)

    Why do I like him so much more than everyone else? 
  • Jon Scheyer - Can he ever get in an NBA game? Or is he defense not good enough?
  • Matt Bouldin - Passed the "eye test" but his numbers were never really as good as his skill. Is he not dynamic enough?
  • Jared Quayle - Am I the only guy in the world that believes the Utah State Point Guard is a player? Did the Utah Jazz work him out just to please locals.
  • Ryan Richards - He is efficient but his body of work is limited? Is he just a mirage?
  • Omar Samhan - By raw data he would be drafted but can he 'show and recover' defensively?
  • DeMarcus Cousins - Should I really just dismiss what my gut says about him because the guy can really play?
  • Paul George - Can a guy that had a losing record at Fresno State really help an NBA team?
  • Landry Fields - Why don't more scouts like him? Is he too slow?
  • Kevin Seraphin - Is it becuase he's foreign and plays Power Forward that all seem to assume he is the next Serge Ibaka?
  • Marqus Blakely - Am I too far out on a limb with Blakely at 30?
  • Hassan Whiteside - No player in this draft has more long term potential. Are scouts really thinking 'long-term' with Whiteside?
Here are the links to the latest ten scouting profiles completed:  Tiny Gallon, Sylven Landesberg, Daniel Orton, Kevin Palmer, Miroslav Raduljica, Ryan Richards, Kevin Seraphin, Tyler Smith, Ryan Thompson, Terrico White

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