Thursday, June 10, 2010

NBA Draft Player Profiles: Aminu, Brackins, Clemente, Gilstrap, Harris, W. Johnson, Onuaku, Scheyer, & Ish Smith

We completed more 2010 NBA Draft capsule profiles. These individually written profiles force me to re-evaluate each player. 90% of the time - my mind is already made up about the player's potential going forward but there are also cases like Denis Clemente who I updated myself on yesterday. I always hated his game and actually thought he was the most out of control Point Guard in college hoops. However - my reevaluation yesterday on Clemente revealed a player that REALLY did change his game up. As a Senior he had better than two assists per turnover - clearly not "the most out of control" PG in the draft. ...The point is - these profiles require that I go back through all my notes as well as read the latest in player analytics (covered best by

The profiles I spent time on yesterday are all linked here: Al Farouq Aminu, Craig Brackins, Denis Clemente, Marquis Gilstrap, Manny Harris, Wes Johnson, Arinze Onuaku, Jon Scheyer, and Ishmael Smith.

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