Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arrogance, ignorance or stupidity?

Is it arrogance, ignorance or stupidity that makes NBA teams play players out of position? The Clippers come into question for trotting out Eric Bledsoe as a Point Guard, and Al-Faroqu Aminu as a Small Forward in summer league play.

Even Clipper Daryl (pictured at right) knows that a player’s height and weight cannot be the only determining factor in where a player should be positioned on the floor. Bledsoe has the stature of a PG but his ability to run a team is beyond suspect. He is a risky passer, and as such, he is turnover prone like crazy. He is not a PG now - and I have serious concerns about whether he ever will be effective at that spot. He does throw some highlight reel passes and he has vision but that is not what running a team is all about. In fact, I would say, in many cases, it is about what you DO NOT do as a Point Guard that can make your team successful. A real PG doesn’t try for the spectacular and blazing fast play as much as he sets up his teammates with solid, simple passes.

Bledsoe is an amazing athlete - and I think he has a nice future in the NBA. But for right now - he needs to be playing alongside someone who can facilitate for the good of the team. Likewise - Aminu simply has very limited Small Forward skills. His body type is perfect for the position but he is an inconsistent outside shooter and his ball-handling is much more effective from ten feet and in than it is with him on the wing.

Finally - while I’m picking on the Clippers summer team - why isn’t Blake Griffin playing? Why is DeAndre Jordan being asked to do anything other than rebound and block shots? And why in the world did Marqus Blakely not get any playing time Monday?

Our Player of the Day for day four of the Las Vegas Summer League was Scottie Reynolds. The undrafted Villanova All-American scored 16 points (4-6 FG, 6-6 FT), with three assists, and two boards in just 19 minutes for the summer Suns.

Our “All Day Four Las Vegas Summer League Team” (their game efficiency rating). PG: Reynolds - PHX .947, SG: Landry Fields - NYK .826, SF: Omri Casspi - SAC .750, PF: Richard Hendrix - ATL .809, C: Darryl Watkins - SA .545. Bench: Guards: John Wall (pictured at left) - WA. .678, J.R. Giddens - DAL .678, Deron Washington - MIL .620. Forwards: Darrell Arthur - MEM .807, Patrick Ewing Jr. - NYK .666, Alade Aminu - ATL .666. Center: Sean Williams - MIL .526.

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  1. I disagree my brother. Bledsoe was a point guard until he joined Wall at Kentucky. At least, that's what I've been told. I like him at the point. Now, I didn't see last night's tilt, but I'll be checking him out. I will say this, starting with the Clippers is hardly the best first step.

    And yeah, my vote is for stupidity. Ofter times, these front office folks don't know diddley.