Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Carmelo Anthony REALLY the best scorer in the NBA?

Kobe doesn't know what Barkley is saying
Charles Barkley says many things with confidence. And since TNT television is THE mouthpiece for the NBA - many fans repeat what Charles says whether his opinion is based in fact or not. Repeatedly - Barkley has maintained that Carmelo Anthony is the "best scorer in the NBA". 

I wondered if that could be proven statistically. The easy way? Look up the NBA, scoring per-minute totals for the 2011-12 season. 

According to HoopStats.com - the best scorer in the NBA is Kobe Bryant, who would average 34.9 points per game if he played all 48 minutes. Bryant is followed by LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love (wow! really?), Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade, and - then finally - in seventh, we find Carmelo Anthony.

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