Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kings trade reaction. Landry and Dorsey are players we like.

Trade deadline day in the NBA brought a significant move for the Kings. Kevin Martin is out - along with Sergio Rodriguez, Hilton Armstrong, and Kenny Thomas. In are Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey, Larry Hughes, and Dominic McGuire. ...While I do think Martin is a quality player at his position - the same can be said for Landry. The intangibles however show a larger benefit for the Kings. As good as Martin is - he has never been the kind of player to consistently impose his will on a game. He has his moments and he scores efficiently but Landry does too. It is my belief that Landry is a tougher player. By pure efficiency by position - Martin ranks 12th in the NBA at SG. Landry, similarly, is rated 14th at his position, PF. 

Joey Dorsey was our MVP of the Las Vegas Summer League. He blocks shots and rebounds like a demon, and like Ben Wallace, he struggles at the free throw line. If you combine Dorsey’s 500+ minutes of D-League play this season with his limited career NBA numbers, his efficiency rating is .696. That number would rank fourth in the NBA at Center. If he can come anywhere close to that, and if Paul Westphal plays him - Dorsey can be the piece that tips the trade in favor of Sacramento. 

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