Friday, February 12, 2010

Who do you trust? Rating NBA prospects often comes down to character.

We’ve been overloading on college hoops and there is good news and bad news when it comes to prospects for the NBA’s future. The good news is that there are some kids that I already have a feeling of trust in. On the other side of the coin - there is no shortage of knuckleheads with talent. Let’s start with a handful of players that I feel comfy with… 

Evan Turner of Ohio State is a versatile guard that is capable of getting a triple-double when he steps on the court. I do think he needs to be a bit more careful with the ball - he is turnover prone - but the positives outweigh the negatives. ...Greg Monroe is a 6’11” passer/scorer that has incredible vision. His versatility as a playmaker combined with his trustworthy demeanor make him a prospect worth a significant investment. ...Jarvis Varnado is a PF/C for Mississippi State that has earned the nickname “Swat” for his defensive prowess. He is 6’9”, 215 lbs. - but his wingspan is 7’4”. Varnado is on pace to become the NCAA’s all-time leading shot blocker. He is currently second and has just passed some incredible names in Alonzo Mourning, Tim Duncan and Adonal Foyle. I am a fan of Jarvis. Al Farouq Aminu is a PF with ball-handling skills that allow him to give opposing BIG's fits. The Wake Forest Sophomore is a former McDonald’s All-America that can finish in transition with the best of the best. 

Finally - I’m sold on these guys as future NBA players: James Anderson (Oklahoma State), Landry Fields (Stanford), and Luke Babbitt (Nevada).  

John Wooden says you have to be able to trust a player. I agree. 

Now there are also some talented future NBA players that I’m not ready to sign-off on for various reasons. ...Dexter Pittman is a big Texas Center that has a pair of hands that you just don’t see every day. This guy is special around the hoop. The problem with Pittman is that he plays in only three minute stints. He lost over 100 lbs. to get to where he is now but he still has wind issues. ...Vanderbilt’s A.J. Ogilvy is efficient but not aggressive. I still like him more than most do but Ogilvy could be so much better. 

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