Monday, June 13, 2011

Harris rises on big boards. ...Profiles on Willis, White, Thomas, & Hoffarber

Harris is a safe pick.
As a freshman Tobias Harris averaged over 15 points and seven rebounds per game at Tennessee. ...Harris is a right handed forward that has a knack for being in the right position. He is presently more of a FOUR than a THREE. I say this because he shot just 30% from beyond the college arc, and because he had more turnovers than assists. ...He also has a large backside that may keep him from being able to defend SF's in the NBA. ...He gets traffic rebounds. He uses his off-hand well. …He has a post-game but he also has the ability to handle the ball a bit and go "coast-to-coast". ...Composed. ...Was a McDonald's All-American. …Suffered a broken foot in Spring 2010 during the McDonald's game. ...High school: 2009-10 New York’s Mr. Basketball. His grandfather is a Lt. Col. ...Cousin of Channing Frye.

It appears that Tre'Von Willis is getting no love from any NBA teams. I have not seen his name associated with any workouts. That's too bad. I believe Willis is worth a look. He is a right handed guard that knows how to play. I wish he was bigger and quicker but he finds a way to be efficient. He was injured and then suspended from his UNLV team for a misdemeanor domestic dispute arrest. …Willis brings it. He is unselfish - which is seldom said of a team's leading scorer. Willis averaged 13.2 points per game as a Senior for the Runnin' Rebels. He also contributed 3.5 rebounds per game, while dishing 3.6 assists per contest. ...He raised his assist-to-turnover ratio in each season at UNLV.  Willis had minor knee surgery in early August 2010.

White likes to wolf.
Billy White is an NBA athlete that shot 60% FG for his career at San Diego State. He struggles with his perimeter shooting for a Small Forward. he shot 34% from beyond the college arc this season but he only attempt 24 3-point shots. ...He is an outstanding defender that talks a little trash and plays with a swagger. …He runs well and can finish in transition. …Left handed. …Reacts quickly. …Can be out of control on offense. He averaged 10 points, 4 rebounds and 1.6 assists on a good San Diego State team.

Malcolm Thomas has a quickness advantage over most Power Forwards he faces. He averaged 11 points, eight rebounds, two assists, and two blocked shots per game this season past for San Diego State. …Thomas has long arms (his standing reach is 8' 11.5" - He shot a solid 53.6% FG in 2010-11. …He has good vision despite having more career turnovers than assists at SDSU. ...He runs the floor well and is a good offensive rebounder. He will rebound in traffic. ...Can draw fouls in the mid-post. ...Right handed. ...He is only a 58% free throw shooter for his career.

Is Hoffarber athletic enough?
Blake Hoffarber is a three-point shooter that also can pass the ball well. He averaged 13.6 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 4 assists per game as a Minnesota Senior. He has outstanding vision, and he reads defenses well. …Left handed. 80% free throw shooter (career) - but he rarely gets to the line. ...Minnesota’s career record holder for three-point field goals with 279. ...He has a quick release on his shot. He shot just 44% FG for his career at Minnesota. ...Smart kid that was a 2011 Academic All-American. 2007 Mr. Basketball in Minnesota.

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