Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prospecting - Can you dig it?

In honor of Shaquille O'Neal's retirement - we ask "Can you dig it?" That's what you have to do. DIG! If you want to really know about players that will be selected in the June 23rd NBA Draft, you have to spend the time, scour the loads of information available, watch as much video as possible, and look back on your notes from actually WATCHING full games. 

Shaq as Kazaam
I laughed out loud at a tweet on Draft Express where at the NBA Combine - an NBA Exec said, ""If you were watching Enes Kanter or Nikola Vucevic for the 1st time yesterday, close your eyes and pick one of them from 10-20." From DraftExpress.com
That immediately tells me - the NBA exec didn't really watch Vucevic play at USC. Vucevic is not in the same efficiency zip code as Kanter. Vucevic is a BIG that likes to drift on the perimeter - even though his massive frame says he should be posting up low. For lack of a better term - I always came away thinking Vucevic was "soft". ...One thing in Vucevic's defense that has to be considered is that he never played with an efficient Point Guard as a Trojan. Had he been playing with someone that looked for him more - he would have been more efficient. ...That said, I still think Kanter is BY FAR the better prospect.

Enes Kanter is a BIG 19 year-old that can run. He is powerful and fluid. This we know for sure. He dominated as a member of the International team at the 2010 Nike Hoop Summit. Kanter blistered Team USA (and Jared Sullinger - now at Ohio St.) - with 34 points in just 24 minutes. He added 13 boards, and made eight of his nine free throw attempts. Unfortunately - that is the last game he played in - as he was ineligible at Kentucky for the 2010-11 season. However - if you dig a little you can find stats for Kanter's play in Turkey before the Hoop Summit. Those numbers reveal that he was just as dominant. I have him with over 900 minutes of action - posting an efficiency rating of .915. That is through the roof GREAT!  Can that efficiency translate to the NBA? If it does - you are talking about having an Al Horford type talent at Power Forward or Center. ...Kanter is VERY good around the hoop. His large frame allows him to get great position in the low-post - and he can use either hand. He is naturally right handed. His face-up game is advanced. His footwork is excellent for a 19 year-old. ...By all accounts, Kanter is a good kid and a hard worker with no red flags. Both of his parents are doctors. ...Please take the time (an ad will run before the video) to watch this footage of a recent Kanter workout: 

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