Friday, March 26, 2010

John Wall is the one. Right?

I admit to letting it enter my mind that John Wall may not be the best player ultimately in the 2010 NBA Draft. ...Then I slap myself. If not Wall, could it be DeMarcus Cousins, Evan Turner, or even a Greg Monroe? ...Turner seems like he could be a superstar or he might be just a star. If it is the latter - then choosing him first would be a bad look. ...Monroe, I’m certain, will flourish outside of the constraints of the Georgetown offense which uses less possessions per game than the average team. But in the final analysis - Wall is just too dynamic to pass on. He is already a superstar.

Players coached by Bob Huggins seem to gain confidence as they gain weight in his strength and conditioning program. Devin Ebanks is the best example of a guy who has dramatically changed his body in the Huggins Boot Camp. It will be interesting to see what happens next year when Huggins' best finesse player De’Sean Butler is no longer around. Right now Huggy still has leftovers from the Jim Beilein era. The mixture of some finesse from the Beilein days with the traditional Huggins-style player has served West Virginia well this season.

Who will have a better NBA career? Jerome Randle, Matt Bouldin, Austin Freeman, Luke Harangody, or Jared Quayle? Will any make the NBA? My money is on Randle to have the best NBA career. Quayle may be hard pressed to make an NBA roster due to a horrid performance on the biggest stage in the NCAA Tourney, and the NBA’s lack of respect for Utah State.

Dominique Jones of South Florida and Virginia’s Sylven Landesberg both declared for the NBA Draft. Jones I like because he passes it as well as he scores it.

Does Kansas State coach Frank Martin remind you of rocker Henry Rollins?

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