Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crunch time for NBA Draft

There is OD information available on the NBA Draft in 2010. I'm here to help with the must hear, and must read. I think you need to visit Warriors.com to to hear three key interviews that Tim Roye did. Seek the (audio only) chats with Ryan Blake - NBA Director of Scouting, Jay Bilas - ESPN, and Len Elmore.

Also be sure to look at our NBA Draft board (with click-able links for each player) if you want to get a feel for a true independent take on where players should be ranked. Last year at this time we were the ONLY Draft site that was hyping Stephen Curry as one of the three best players in the Draft. Some folks were shocked when he was taken as high as seventh.  

The point is  - just because the major media mock drafts (ESPN = Chad Ford, DraftExpress, NBADraft.net) seem to all point to the Draft going in a certain direction - that doesn't mean that they are correct.

An example? NBADraft.net (who I enjoy by the way, and I am not picking on them - just citing an example) has Hassan Whiteside going 23rd. He could go to Indiana at #10 or he could slip out of the first round. We like Whiteside even better than tenth (but we are thinking long-term which some front-offices just cannot afford to do).

Marqus Blakely (pictured) is not listed as being drafted by the mainstream sites. He may indeed go un-selected. But if he does - shame on the NBA. This kid can play!

Hey now... DraftExpress has Larry Sanders going 17th. That may or may not happen but if it does I will be shocked. He blocks shots and he boards but Sanders is narrow and weighs 220 lbs. at most. He had more than three turnovers for every assist. He is just a 52% free throw shooter. ...Truthfully - I'm not sure why this guy is being talked about as a first round pick. He can't shoot. He's turnover prone and his Colonial League efficiency rating (.638) should be much higher to be truly worthy of being selected in the first round. He played on a team that runs, runs, and runs. Usually that helps skew the EFR higher. ...If Wyoming's Justin Williams could not stick in the NBA - why will Sanders make it?

More profiles are completed... Osiris Eldridge, Jeff Foote, Rodney Green, Marquez Haynes, Tory Jackson, Marko Keselj, Stefan MarkovicTasmin Mitchell, Alexey Shved, and Ryan Wittman.

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