Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is Jimmer the real deal? We say - YES! Plus Butler & Silas

Jimmer is not just a three point shooter.
Jimmer Fredette is a BYU combo-guard that won the majority of the 2010-11 college hoops Player of the Year awards. But does that translate to NBA success? Or is Jimmer destined to fail at the next level? ...Here is how I see it...

Fredette is a complete offensive basketball player. His prize skill is his tremendously accurate shooting (44% from three and .88% FT) with deep range. He offers good ball handling with a wicked crossover dribble that he uses effectively to gain space. Like most top-notch guards - Fredette has the ability to control his pace. He is excellent with  the ball in his hands - playing "aggressive freestyle". ...Capable of making plays at full speed. He has excellent court vision - and had he played with better BIGs at BYU - his assist totals would have surely been higher. ...He has ability to make shots that seem like crazy, circus shots - but he hits so many of them - that you realize there is more skill than luck involved. ...This season he busted 52 points against New Mexico, 47 at Utah, 43 vs. San Diego State, and 42 at Colorado State. ...He did not play much defense at BYU but he slides his feet quickly enough and he is smart enough that I don't foresee that being too big an issue in the NBA. His offensive gifts far outweigh any defensive liabilities. ...Right handed. ... He will jack some quick shots but overall I like Jimmer Fredette and I think he will succeed in the NBA.

Butler will be a PR staff's dream
Jimmy Butler from Marquette is a player that I really enjoyed watching. His coach (Buzz Williams) called him the hardest working kid he's ever coached. Butler is a late bloomer that improved by leaps and bounds since starting his collegiate career at a Junior College. …He rarely takes a bad shot - which is reflected in his career 51% FG shooting. ...He is smart - with a 1.63:1 assist-to-turnover ratio. ...He is a good athlete with hang-time in his jumping ability (measured 39" max. vert. at Chicago combine.) ...Butler averaged 15 points and six rebounds per game in 2010-11. His three-point shooting ability is a key part of his evolving game. He doesn't shoot a high volume of threes but he makes 39% of them (career). ...There are no red-flags with Butler. I think he is among the safest picks in the draft. I have him ranked higher than any other draft site I've seen.

Xavier Silas will have worked out for ten NBA teams by the time the NBA Draft rolls around on June 23rd. ...He played his freshman season at Colorado before transferring to Northern Illinois. As a Senior he averaged 22 points per game. He is a 6'5" Shooting Guard that improved his outside shooting to the point where he hit the three-ball at 41% in 2010-11. …80% FT (career). …Unfortunately - he has way more turnovers than assists - so he is NOT a Point Guard prospect. He CAN guard PG's but offensively he needs to improve dramatically as a distributor. ...Right-handed. ...He is in great physical condition. ...Confident. ...Silas is the son of James Silas who played six seasons in the NBA.

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