Friday, July 22, 2011

Pooh is NBA worthy

Pooh proved to me he is worthy of being a backup NBA PG
The Kings did not pick up the option year in Pooh Jeter's contract. Pooh ranked tied for 50th in NBA Point Guard efficiency last season as a rookie off the bench for Sacramento. While you may think 50th is not so hot - consider that there are 30 NBA teams. Each has a starter and a backup (30 x 2 = 60). So any player ranked in the top 60 at his position is a guy that is (or at least should be) playing minutes in the NBA.

The one thing Pooh excels at is making the pass ahead to the open man. He proved on many occasions that easy baskets are available in the NBA if the point guard looks up the court and finds willing runners in 'early offense'. Beyond that - Jeter was enthusiastic and a model citizen by all accounts.

Will Isaiah replace Pooh?
Isaiah Thomas was drafted by the Kings with the final pick of the 2011 draft. The Washington Point Guard showed flashes during the 2010-11 season of looking like a player that would willingly get his teammates involved. That was not always the case however - especially during Thomas' first two seasons when he seemed more intent to "get his" from a scoring standpoint. If Thomas can continue to work on being a more of a true Point Guard while remaining a scoring threat - he could prove to be a viable replacement for Jeter off the Kings bench.

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