Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two-Way point guard rankings

CP3 is PG1
Debate over how to rate NBA point guards rages on. Our system, as usual, starts with raw math and finishes with a dose of common sense and "feel". We ALWAYS factor overall efficiency per-minute as the starting point. But efficiency is not the only measure. In recent years, "Defensive Rating",  a statistical tool that can help measure a player's overall defensive discipline has been made available. DEFRTG is an important factor but it has flaws. Any player is subject to the defensive liabilities of his teammates in the DEFRTG stat. Thus, we count DEFRTG as no more than one-fifth of the equation in these "two-way" ratings. 

Without getting too caught up in methodology - let's get to the list. 

  1. Chris Paul - Clippers
  2. Russell Westbrook - Thunder
  3. Steph Curry - Warriors
  4. John Wall - Wizards
  5. Kyle Lowry - Raptors
  6. Tony Parker - Spurs
  7. Goran Dragic - Suns 
  8. Mike Conley - Grizzlies
  9. Damian Lillard - Blazers
  10. Kyrie Irving - Cavs
  11. Isaiah Thomas - Kings
  12. Jeff Teague - Hawks
  13. Patty Mills - Spurs 
  14. Kemba Walker - Hornets
  15. Jrue Holiday - Pelicans
  16. Andre Miller - Wizards
  17. Ricky Rubio - Wolves
  18. Ty Lawson - Nuggets 
  19. Deron Williams - Nets 
  20. Darren Collison - Kings 
Where is Rondo? Rajon Rondo did not fare well in the math portion of this exercise after returning from ACL surgery, Rondo's DEFRTG was a horrid 110.2 (72nd among PG's in DEFRTG). ...Common sense says Rondo is much better than that but until I see proof that he is the Rondo of old - we are holding him out of the top 20. 

Also, for what it's worth, we strongly believe that Marcus Smart, the Celtics' first round draft pick will slot into the above list the moment he takes to an NBA court. His DEFRTG combined with his offensive efficiency per-minute in college rank among the best we've seen historically. 

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