Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Initial 2016 NBA Draft BIG board released

Ben Simmons is the clear #1
The first Hoop Obsession 2016 NBA Draft Board is now posted at BasslineSpin.com. Our initial board will change many times before the Draft is held in June. Presently, the rankings include ALL players (from freshman through Seniors, plus international players born from 1994 to 1997). In May 2016, our list will change to include only those who have declared for the draft or those that are automatically draft eligible (Seniors and 1994 born). 

This first listing is also more reliant on analytic information than "feel". The present consensus for the 2016 NBA Draft was factored in but weighted less than our own rankings of efficiency per-minute, defensive rating, and strength of schedule (or in international cases, strength of league). SEE the BasslineSpin.com / Hoop Obsession draft board.

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