Thursday, January 28, 2010

NBA 'halfway point' efficiency ratings by position now up

The new efficiency ratings by position are listed at now that each NBA team has played at least 41 games, or, half of their regular season schedule. ...The ratings are ALWAYS up on They are a very handy tool.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time for S. Rodriguez to play. ...Efficiency matters

I started work on our annual mid-season efficiency rating audit of all players over 300 minutes. ...First semi-surprise is that Russell Westbrook's EFR of .412 is actually lower than rookie teammate Eric Maynor's .426. ...Sergio Rodriguez - who is buried on the Kings bench has an EFR of .495 - which easily ranks in the top 15 among all Point Guards in the NBA. It has long been our thought that Spanish Chocolate should be playing significant minutes in Sacramento. We will re-state for the fourth time since the day the Kings drafted Tyreke Evans that Evans is not a Point Guard. The problem is that he should be playing TWO but Kevin Martin is also a TWO. The sensible solution is to try Evans as a spot THREE which would allow Rodriguez and Beno Udrih to split up the 48 minutes available per game at the point. This would cause a further logjam at Small Forward but so what. Evans is long enough to defend SF's, and he is a better basketball player than Omri Casspi (.431), Andres Nocioni (.373), Donte Greene (.365) and Francisco Garcia (.418 - 2008-09). ...In Philly - call it good karma or call it a BIG benefiting from a PG looking for him; but whatever you call it, acknowledge that Samuel Dalembert has never played better. The good vibes for Dalembert could be in return of his love for Haiti after the devastating earthquake. Dalembert flew to his native land to lend a helping hand. Meanwhile on the hardwood - Sammy D.'s EFR is up to a career best .612 as Allen Iverson and Lou Williams continue to feed him the rock at the right times. ...THIS JUST IN. Tony's Pizza for one is not the same or as tasty as a regular Tony's Pizza. The pepperoni's are different. ...As always you can see archived blogs including our latest 2010 NBA Draft rankings at